I Have Been Sick

As those of you who know me well are aware, I have a strong desire to pick up things I find on the ground (or counter top) and eat them. You may recall that when I was about 6 months old, I ate a cup towel that I got off the counter top and had to have major surgery to remove it. The surgeon said I would have died if I had not been brought in.

Well, in addition to my desire to eat wood, gravel and rocks, I found something in the yard a couple of days ago that looked interesting so ate it. Even though Michael and Georgia police my yard several times a day, sometimes things get blown or thrown into the yard. This was a large hollow rubber ball (probably about 4″ in diameter). I thought it was great fun eating it but my digestive system didn’t respond well. After throwing up in almost every room in the house I visited the vet not once but twice in one day. X-rays, blood work and lot’s of manhandling by the vet indicated that I had thrown up almost all of it but my digestive system was still all messed up. I got a shot of Cerenia, four Cerenia pills I have to take (one a day) and GasX tablets to help with all the gas in my intestines. Worse, I am limited on how much I could eat or drink and that’s a big deal since I typically eat 12+ cups of dry dog food a day and drink several gallons of water.

I am doing better today but let me assure you, that throwing up and not eating or drinking much (because that causes me to throw up again) wears out a Wolfie.

I am resting now and feel a lot better but I seem to have lost my desire to eat very much since it brings back bad memories. However, old habits die hard. When Michael let me out early this morning, I found an large piece of limestone that I was very happily chewing on when Michael took it away from me. Man is he mean to me.

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