Cedar Season Is Almost Over

Have I mentioned that I am allergic to Mountain Cedar, Juniperus ashei for the more learned out there.  The Austin area is covered with Mountain Cedar and I sneeze a lot during the winter months when it is pollinating (mid December through the end of February).  I always look forward to winter for the cooler weather but the Mountain Cedar takes a lot of the fun out of winter for me.  We have really had a very mild winter.  While the Northeast U.S. has seen a lot of snow, the low this winter at my house has been 31 degrees on 3 nights in January and on 1 night in early February with no snow and little rain.  Even with my allergies, I still like to spend a lot of time outside before it starts getting hot.

I have met a new dog two houses down from ours that is an adorable Labradoodle puppy.  He really likes me so all is well in the neighborhood.  I am back up to 205 pounds with the cooler weather.  I do like to eat during the winter.

We have been home bodies lately and haven’t done much traveling.  Things have been quite boring for a 4 year old Wolfie other than around Christmas.  We had so many friends over during the holidays and you know how I love to meet and greet at parties.  I am always the center of attention.  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to a wonderful Spring.

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