End of the Road for the Mighty Quinn

March 27, 2019, Quinn had to be put down after a long period of back issues and increasing pain. After 7 years of his constant companionship the house feels empty. We will miss his good nature, his loving kindness, his inquisitiveness, his fear of storms and loud noises and his ability to cover the house in dog hair.

Quinn drew a crowd everywhere he went. Between his size and his interest in meeting people and other dogs it was impossible to not be attracted to him. He spent his last week soaking up attention and we invited a number of friends over to visit him.

Quinn, you will always be in our memories. We miss our big baby. His ashes are in Georgia’s office where he spent the majority of his time.

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I Have Been Sick

As those of you who know me well are aware, I have a strong desire to pick up things I find on the ground (or counter top) and eat them. You may recall that when I was about 6 months old, I ate a cup towel that I got off the counter top and had to have major surgery to remove it. The surgeon said I would have died if I had not been brought in.

Well, in addition to my desire to eat wood, gravel and rocks, I found something in the yard a couple of days ago that looked interesting so ate it. Even though Michael and Georgia police my yard several times a day, sometimes things get blown or thrown into the yard. This was a large hollow rubber ball (probably about 4″ in diameter). I thought it was great fun eating it but my digestive system didn’t respond well. After throwing up in almost every room in the house I visited the vet not once but twice in one day. X-rays, blood work and lot’s of manhandling by the vet indicated that I had thrown up almost all of it but my digestive system was still all messed up. I got a shot of Cerenia, four Cerenia pills I have to take (one a day) and GasX tablets to help with all the gas in my intestines. Worse, I am limited on how much I could eat or drink and that’s a big deal since I typically eat 12+ cups of dry dog food a day and drink several gallons of water.

I am doing better today but let me assure you, that throwing up and not eating or drinking much (because that causes me to throw up again) wears out a Wolfie.

I am resting now and feel a lot better but I seem to have lost my desire to eat very much since it brings back bad memories. However, old habits die hard. When Michael let me out early this morning, I found an large piece of limestone that I was very happily chewing on when Michael took it away from me. Man is he mean to me.

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Pet Food Recall – Serious

While I suspect that few pets are using this particular food, I thought this was worth mentioning because of the serious potential for sickness.  Cans from this lot have been analysed and have tested positive for the euthanasia drug, pentobarbital.

  • Cocolicious Beef and Turkey
    Size: 12 ounce cans
    Lot Number: 0136E15204 04
    Best By Date: July 2019
  • Cocolicious Chicken and Beef
    Size: 12 ounce cans
    Lot Number: 0134E15 237 13
    Best By Date: August 2019

For more information see http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-recall/party-animal-dog-food-recall-april-2017/

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Spring Is Here

The trees are starting to put on fresh leaves and the temperatures are climbing. Not good news for a pup that has allergies to trees and LOVES cold weather. Oh well, the winter was good while it lasted.

Actually, we didn’t have much of a winter. It would get cool for a few days then warm up again. Only had one three day period of freezing weather. Now that it is warming up, my desire to lay outside is declining.

Since we last talked, I have been having some problems with my hind legs. Weakness, trembling and pain. The vet has me on Aspirin to see if that helps since I likely have a bit of arthritis and he recently discovered I have a LOT of tenderness at the L1/T12 area of my spine. I don’t like that area being messed with at all. I have a followup appointment on Monday morning so I will report back with an update. I will say that the aspirin has helped a little to reduce the pain, I don’t grump as much laying down and getting up but I still shuffle my hind feet and drag my toenails to the point that they start bleeding if I walk very far without boots (Muttluks).  

Wish me luck with my vet visit. I may need it if he wants to check my spine. You do remember that I DON’T like that area being messed with don’t you?

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Cedar Season Is Almost Over

Have I mentioned that I am allergic to Mountain Cedar, Juniperus ashei for the more learned out there.  The Austin area is covered with Mountain Cedar and I sneeze a lot during the winter months when it is pollinating (mid December through the end of February).  I always look forward to winter for the cooler weather but the Mountain Cedar takes a lot of the fun out of winter for me.  We have really had a very mild winter.  While the Northeast U.S. has seen a lot of snow, the low this winter at my house has been 31 degrees on 3 nights in January and on 1 night in early February with no snow and little rain.  Even with my allergies, I still like to spend a lot of time outside before it starts getting hot.

I have met a new dog two houses down from ours that is an adorable Labradoodle puppy.  He really likes me so all is well in the neighborhood.  I am back up to 205 pounds with the cooler weather.  I do like to eat during the winter.

We have been home bodies lately and haven’t done much traveling.  Things have been quite boring for a 4 year old Wolfie other than around Christmas.  We had so many friends over during the holidays and you know how I love to meet and greet at parties.  I am always the center of attention.  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to a wonderful Spring.

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How Time Flies

I have almost made it through another Texas summer. Hopefully it will start cooling off in the coming weeks. The summer started out wonderfully with cooler than normal weather and LOTS of very badly needed rain. Lake Travis, the primary water supply for the Austin area, was over 50 feet below conservation level on May 15.  By June 1, the lake has risen over 35 feet after receiving 17.59″ of rain during May, including 5.2″ of rain on May 25 alone. The normal rainfall for the entire month of May is 4.4″.

Yesterday it still hit 100 degrees but the weatherman is saying it may drop down to highs in the upper 80’s by the end of next week.  I can start spending more time outside when it gets cooler.  I like to supervise the neighborhood but it is just too hot during the summer for me to be happy outside for more than a few minutes at a time.

I have been watching the rabbits and roadrunners in the yard and the street lately.  They always seem to run away when they see me.

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Happy Winter

Winter is a good time for me!!  Since I hate hot weather, winter gives me a chance to run and play without getting too hot.  I don’t like the rain but mist and fog are fun.  We have have a number of cold fronts come through bringing the temperature down below freezing.  Most of the humans around here think that is cold.  How silly.  I just don’t like the wind.  I don’t like cold wind and I don’t like hot wind.  I have to admit that when it is cloudy, I am not as active and playful as when the sun it shining.  Makes me think it must be getting close to bed time.

The advantage of cold weather is that I eat more and gain weight.  Every winter I gain weight and every summer I lose weight.  As of today, I weigh 207 pounds.  Of course as it starts getting hotter, I will probably drop back to about 190-195 pounds like I did last summer.


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Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years

It was busy at our house in December.  We had lights and Nativity Scenes both inside and out and lots of friends stopped by.  The tree was surrounded by brightly wrapped packages and I was SO good!!  I didn’t eat a single package!  Christmas Eve was wonderful.  All the family came over and the whole room was full of wrapping paper just waiting to be played with.  We had a fire in the fireplace and everyone had a great time.

It was so pretty that many of the decorations are still up.  Of course the weather has played a role in that also.  We have had some cold weather for central Texas.  Yesterday morning it was 21 with a ‘Real Feel’ of 12.   I like cold weather but Michael isn’t as thrilled out being out taking down lights and wreaths as I am about “helping him”.  I am a tremendous assistance with decorations.  While he puts up or removes decorations, I race around the yard to see how close I can get to the decorations without actually getting tangled up in them.  After all, I am a big puppy. 196 pounds of puppy to be exact.  Now that the holiday season is over.  Things are slowly returning to normal.  It is winter and with the exception of wind (you do remember that I hate wind don’t you), it is a marvelous time of  year.  Summers are hot and I don’t feel like doing much but BOY OH BOY do I love to run and bounce and play in the winter.  I hear that it is supposed to rain and likely sleet this weekend.  I like that too.  I especially like snow but Michael says I will have to wait for that.

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Pedigree Dog Food Recall

Although this recall is relatively limited, it could be serious. Pedigree has a recall on the following products due to possible METAL SHAVINGS in the bag. Please don’t feed this to your dog!

Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food in 15-pound bags sold at Dollar General stores with lot code 432C1KKM03


Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food in 55-pound bags sold at Sam’s Club with lot code 432E1KKM03

For more information, including the location of the stores selling this product, see Pedigree Recall.

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Spring May Have Come and Gone

Weather has been weird this year. More cloudy days than typical and the temperature gets up to about 90 then a cold front moves through and it drops 10-15 degrees. As you know, I don’t like hot weather and to me, everything above 65 is hot!!

I have been eating Blue Buffalo Basic Salmon and Potato and it has helped my digestive system. Now Blue Buffalo has come out with a grain-free version of the Basic Salmon and Potato. Since the only ‘grain’ in the ‘regular’ version was rice, they substituted tapioca for the rice in the ‘grain-free’ version. I like it. My digestive system has been doing much better (other than two days ago when I found a piece of plastic in the yard and, of course I had to eat it and it made me sick).

All in all, I am having a good Spring. I had itchy places on my back and stomach so I started chewing and scratching on them. I had to go onto antibiotics to get them to heal up and some other medicine to relieve the itch. I am feeling better now and I am back to gaining weight again. As of today, I weighed a scant 206 pounds. I am still only 36″ at the shoulder so I may be as tall as I am going to get. Not surprising since I am 2 years and 3 months old.

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Winter May Be Over

After a colder than normal winter, we are finally heading into Spring. The only thing I don’t like about Spring is the wind. Wind makes things blow around and that startles me!! I had to go to the vet last week. I have been very itchy lately and have been chewing and scratching myself so much that I am pulling out my hair. Bummer. The vet prescribed some medication for me that really is helping reduce the itching. That is good. I have also found that I have a food allergy to chicken. Do you have any idea how much of the dog food has chicken in it, even if it is supposed to be primarily something else. I am now eating Blue Buffalo Basic Diet Salmon and Potatoes. That is good stuff. I am continuing to slowly fill out. I weighed 196 at the vet’s office. In case you forgot, I was 2 years old just over 2 months ago.

I have a new photo in the photo gallery.

I am still going for a couple of long walks each day. Life’s good!

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Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to all my friends, both 2 legged and 4 legged. I am always thankful for Christmas. First, it is getting cooler, some say cold, here in Austin. Secondly, we have lots of visitors and family come over specifically for me to play with (that is why they are coming over isn’t it?). Thirdly, we have lots of extra lights and a Christmas Tree and lastly, everyone seems to be in a good mood so they play with me more.

Life has been different the past week as I am now on a different dog food to see if I have a food allergy to chicken. Everything that I have had before is basically chicken so I am getting a diet of salmon and potato based dog food with NO chicken. I really like it so far. We will have to see if it is any better for me.

And now the important news: today I weighed 188 pounds!! Yep, a new record for me. I am almost 23 months old and I am still a big puppy but I am so sweet. Well, Michael doesn’t think I am sweet when I dig holes in the yard to find rocks and big roots to play with but you can’t expect a woffie to be good all the time.

I wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and remember the reason for the season!!

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Michael Came Home

I thought I had been abandoned!!  Michael left and was gone for days!  Fortunately, he left me with a job to do.  I was to take care of Georgia and I did my usual splendid job.

After several LONG days, Michael returned.  He hadn’t forgotten about his wonderful puppy after all.  He had gone to Utah (where ever that is).  He did take lot’s of photos.  I let him add some of them to my Photo Gallery.

Now, back to the important stuff, ME!!  Michael and my vet decided to try adding in 1/3 Hill’s Prescription Diet W/D high fiber dry food with my normal food.  I like it and I think it is firming up my stools (poo to those of you without medical training).

I am now 21 months old and still gaining weight.  I now weigh 178 pounds.  Michael tells me I am getting to be a big boy.  For those who knew Patrick, I understand that at my age he weighed 127 pounds and gained another 10 pounds over the next year before he hit his max weight of 150 at age 5.  Now, I don’t know that I will gain another 20 pounds but it is possible since I have gained 10 pounds in the past 6 months.  Wouldn’t that be great!! I could outweigh everyone in the family!!

The weather is MUCH improved here in Texas.  Over the past month, we have had some much needed rain (about 7 inches at our house although nearby areas got over 13 inches) and the cooler fall weather is beginning to show up.  I like cool weather.  I even like rain.  What I really like is SNOW!!  Maybe we can get some of that this winter although we don’t get snow every year.

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Weather Vane

I am proud to announce the installation of my own Weather Vane. Michael and Georgia recognized my greatness and added a weather vane to the roof of our storage building. Normally, I would not pay any attention to a weather vane as I really don’t cause which way the wind is blowing but in this case, I was happy because it is an Irish Wolfhound!!  You can see a photo of my weather vane, as well as other recent photos of me, here.

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End of Summer

Well, it looks like summer may finally be winding down.  We actually got some rain a few days ago and the temperatures are in the 90’s instead of the low 100’s.  When the weather is cooler, I really get excited.  I just want to run and run and run!!

In case you have forgotten, I am now 20 months old.  I am not growing very quickly now but I am still growing.  I stand 36″ at the shoulder and weigh 171 pounds.

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Whoa!! Purina One Recall

Purina One Beyond Dog Food has been recalled.  As usual, all the details are available at http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-recall/purina-one-beyond-dog-food-recall/

You might be wondering how things are going during this hot Texas summer.  Well, as long as I get my two walks a day and can stay in the air conditioned house, everything is great.  It is way to hot for a wolfie to want to be outside just laying around.

I am awaiting cooler weather with great expectation.

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Summer Update

It has been a busy summer.  I took a trip to Missouri to see some of Michael and Georgia’s friends.  Then I traveled to Spearfish, South Dakota to see more of their friends.  It was a fun trip but tiring.  I don’t eat well when I am traveling and I lost some weight.  Now that we are all back where we are supposed to be, I am putting back on some of the weight I lost.  I am back to the mid 160’s again.  Another thing that is keeping my appetite down is the heat.  Man is it ever summer.  After spending the early summer in cooler climates, returning to temperatures in the upper 90’s and lower 100’s was quite a shock to my system.  I find that most of the time my favorite past time is laying under one of the ceiling fans in the nice cool air conditioned house.  Michael keeps the temperature lower on my side of the house so I don’t venture onto their side of the house as often.  We had to replace one of the two central air conditioning units this summer.  Naturally it was my side of the house.  Air conditioning is a necessity in Texas during the summer.

I have grown a little.  I am now 35-3/4″ at the shoulder.  I suspect that after we get through the next 6 weeks, the temperature will cool down and I can start thinking about weight gain again.  Now it is too hot to be outside for more than a few minutes.  I have been getting to take a couple of walks a day but we are doing those early in the morning and late in the evening.  My friend Alex has been taking me for walks before he goes off to college.

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Quick Trip to the Vet

Everything was going well this morning, then Michael decided I needed a bath.  I got through that without much trauma.  Then I went out onto the back porch to finish drying off and when I laid down, my leg started bleeding.  Michael was not amused and took me to the vet.  The vet said I have scraped off the top of a canine cutaneous histiocytoma.  Michael didn’t know what that was so I had to explain that it is a benign skin tumor in dogs 1-3 years old.  The vet put some medicine on it, put a gauze bandage over it and then covered that with Vet Wrap.  He told Michael to leave it on the rest of the day.  Silly vet.  Within 30 minutes, I had pulled the gauze out of the Vet Wrap and eaten it.  Hey!! it looked like a dish towel to me.  (If you don’t get the subtle humor, look back at the October 29,  2012 post.)  Michael was NOT amused.

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Visit to the Vet

Well, it is that time of year again .  A trip to the vet for SHOTS!!!  The shots really aren’t too bad but the thought of getting them really scares me.  I only got half of my shots.  I am supposed to go back in a couple of weeks for the rest of them.  The worst part of visiting the vet is when they express my anal glands.  I don’t like that at all!!!!  I squeal like a little pig.   Just an update, in case you forgot (or lost track of time), I am now 15-1/2 months old and weigh 168 pounds and stand about 35-1/3″ at the shoulder.  I am only gaining a couple of pounds a month now instead of the 5-10 pounds I was gaining.  Life has been a little boring lately and now it is getting hot (anything over 70 is hot to me).

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More Dog Food Recalls Due to Salmonella

Brands being recalled include:
Natura Pet Products Dog Food Recall

  • EVO
  • Innova
  • California Natural
  • HealthWise


Please be careful out there!

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