Spring Is Here

The trees are starting to put on fresh leaves and the temperatures are climbing. Not good news for a pup that has allergies to trees and LOVES cold weather. Oh well, the winter was good while it lasted.

Actually, we didn’t have much of a winter. It would get cool for a few days then warm up again. Only had one three day period of freezing weather. Now that it is warming up, my desire to lay outside is declining.

Since we last talked, I have been having some problems with my hind legs. Weakness, trembling and pain. The vet has me on Aspirin to see if that helps since I likely have a bit of arthritis and he recently discovered I have a LOT of tenderness at the L1/T12 area of my spine. I don’t like that area being messed with at all. I have a followup appointment on Monday morning so I will report back with an update. I will say that the aspirin has helped a little to reduce the pain, I don’t grump as much laying down and getting up but I still shuffle my hind feet and drag my toenails to the point that they start bleeding if I walk very far without boots (Muttluks).  

Wish me luck with my vet visit. I may need it if he wants to check my spine. You do remember that I DON’T like that area being messed with don’t you?

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