My Photos

I love photos.  Especially photos of myself.  It certainly is good that Michael likes to take photos or I would be in deep trouble.

0-10 weeks
10-20 weeks
21-40 weeks
1-2 years
2-4 years

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  1. Julian and Carmen Rodriguez says:

    Quinn, I hear Michael is a easy going guy. Just get on his good side and you’ll be wandering all around the house. What ever you do, do not chew on Mike’s shoes, says my husband Julian. He said he chewed on one of Mike’s shoes once and Mike’s was mad at him for weeks. Your are a very handsome pup, but I guess you already know that.
    Well, glad to hear from you and we’ll be talking to you soon. Behave and give a big wet kiss to Georgia and Mike. (they’ll love it) 🙂

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