How Time Flies

I have almost made it through another Texas summer. Hopefully it will start cooling off in the coming weeks. The summer started out wonderfully with cooler than normal weather and LOTS of very badly needed rain. Lake Travis, the primary water supply for the Austin area, was over 50 feet below conservation level on May 15.  By June 1, the lake has risen over 35 feet after receiving 17.59″ of rain during May, including 5.2″ of rain on May 25 alone. The normal rainfall for the entire month of May is 4.4″.

Yesterday it still hit 100 degrees but the weatherman is saying it may drop down to highs in the upper 80’s by the end of next week.  I can start spending more time outside when it gets cooler.  I like to supervise the neighborhood but it is just too hot during the summer for me to be happy outside for more than a few minutes at a time.

I have been watching the rabbits and roadrunners in the yard and the street lately.  They always seem to run away when they see me.

About Quinn

Born January 27, 2012 in Collinsville, Texas. Full name: Taryn Cavan Quinn Breed: Irish Wolfhound Color: I will be a grey brindle when I get older Favorite Activities: Chewing every thing in sight, sleeping
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