Being on my best behavior last night was too much. This morning I decided that I would be a total termagant. Yesterday there were two time changes. We went from Central Daylight Time to Arizona which does do daylight time so it seems like Pacific Daylight Time (2 hours earlier than Central). Well, I am not good with clocks so I got up at 4:22. Then I decided that EVERYONE should stay up. I have been chewing everything cause my mouth is sore from teething. Everyone is unhappy about not getting much sleep but me. Since I was sleeping while they were talking with Gary and LaVonne last night. It isn’t my fault they don’t know when to go to sleep.

Today I weigh 38.5 pounds and measure 20″ at the shoulder.  Since I like cameras, new photos are getting added to the Photo Gallery.

About Quinn

Born January 27, 2012 in Collinsville, Texas. Full name: Taryn Cavan Quinn Breed: Irish Wolfhound Color: I will be a grey brindle when I get older Favorite Activities: Chewing every thing in sight, sleeping
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