Arizona and California

Yesterday, we moved to Yuma, AZ.  We spent the night with Michael and Georgia’s long-time friends, Steve and Kate. They have two dogs, Shiloh and Cole.  I like Steve and Kate.  They like to rub me and play with me.  I also discovered it is HOT in Arizona.  Like over 100 degrees.  Can you believe that.  That is hot!  I, of course, being smart, stayed in the air conditioned areas most of the time.  This morning, we played for a while and headed west again.

I entered my fourth state, California.  We went all the way across California (it really isn’t all that wide you know).  We are staying at the Newport Dunes RV Resort in Newport Beach.  I am glad to be parked for a while.  I met several new people today and made friends with Dave and Dottie.  They have been friends with Michael and Georgia for years and years.  They are good people because they play with me and they have doggie treats.

These time changes still have me confused so I am going to bed early.  Of course you know what that means 😉 (I will wake Michael up in the middle of the night to take me out.)

About Quinn

Born January 27, 2012 in Collinsville, Texas. Full name: Taryn Cavan Quinn Breed: Irish Wolfhound Color: I will be a grey brindle when I get older Favorite Activities: Chewing every thing in sight, sleeping
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