Busy Day

Yesterday, I not only went for a short walk and played in the yard, I got to go to the storeroom and explore new things.  Michael and Georgia brought back another X-Pen and a long leash.  Don’t know why they would think I need a leash but they put it on me when ever we are outside of the fenced yard.  I am eating more, running more and growing!  I am now 19″ tall at the shoulder.  Michael doesn’t like weighing me.  He says I squirm around too much when he picks me up and holds me when we get on the scale.

Did I mention that I love to chew.  Well I HAD a nylabone.  I guess I did a good job of hiding it because Michael and Georgia can’t find it and it is WAY too big to swallow.  Oh well, I know they will get me another one (or two hint, hint).  Whatever it takes to keep me happy!!

About Quinn

Born January 27, 2012 in Collinsville, Texas. Full name: Taryn Cavan Quinn Breed: Irish Wolfhound Color: I will be a grey brindle when I get older Favorite Activities: Chewing every thing in sight, sleeping
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