More Dog Food Recalls

Just wanted to check in and make sure you were aware that is reporting two new recalls on dog food.  Honest Kitchen is recalling five lots of its Verve, Zeal and Thrive dog foods which may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria.  The second recall involves Nutri-Vet Chicken Jerky Dog Treats for possible Salmonella bacteria contamination.  Check out for additional information.  I have never tried either of these products but we don’t want you to get sick out there.

Just a reminder that I am still putting on weight.  I now weigh 160 pounds and will be 13 months old next week.

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Finally a new Photo

Well it took Michael long enough, but he finally started taking photos of me again.   He has added a new section for admiring me as I grow past the magic 1 year mark.  My I am a handsome lad!  I understand that the Westminster Dog Show will be on tonight.  Unfortunately, I won’t be in it but do watch the Hounds group and cheer for the Irish Wolfhounds.

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Heaven forbid, Michael and Georgia went out of town for a few days and left me with Catlin, my trainer!  I was so despondent that I lost 5 pounds.  I really like Catlin but I like Michael and Georgia more!  They FINALLY came back and picked me up.  I have regained the 5 pounds I lost plus 2.5 more so I am up to 153 pounds.  I also grew another 1/2 inch so I am now 35.5″ at the shoulder.  That’s pretty good for a 1 year old puppy.  Can you believe that they were out of town on my first birthday.  What a travesty!  What a disappointment!  What gall!!  I may pout for days although it is nice to be home again.   I am still on Tylan for my stomach problems.  I guess it is OK as long as it is mixed in well with my food.

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Eating Better on Tylan

Well, the Tylan, an antibiotic for colitis, I am taking has certainly helped.  My appetite is back and I am feeling better and growing and gaining weight.  Today I broke the magic 150 pounds (150.5 to be exact) and I am almost exactly 35″ at the shoulders.  The Neo Poly Bac Ointment is clearing up the infection around my eyes.  The temperature has returned to the low 70’s as a high and life is good.  In case you might forget, I will be 1 year old on the 27th.

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I have been having some health issues.  I got an infection around both eyes and an ear infection in both ears.  To make matters worse, I have to be on antibiotics for diarrhea.  Bummer.  I don’t like taking antibiotics.  Even with all my issues, I am holding my own weight wise  and actually still slowly gaining.  I am at 148.5 lbs.  I am still just over 34″ tall.

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Happy New Year

Well, we now have a new year.  This was my first New Year since I am still less than a year old.  I don’t see much difference from the old year yet.  I am still gaining weight as I now weigh 146, so life is good.  I haven’t had a lot of company since Christmas.  Michael has been sick and things have been running slower with the cooler weather.   Not as many people outside for me to say HI to.  I have been spending more time in the den but I did get in trouble for eating the corner of the new rug Michael just bought.  Tonight I was having a good time exploring in the kitchen when I found a glass pie pan with cornbread in it at the back of the counter.  I tried to get just a little of it to eat but ended up dropping it all on the floor.  That glass pie pan made quite the racket when it hit the floor.  Fortunately, it didn’t break.  Unfortunately, I got caught.  Oops!!

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Christmas is Near

Don’t you love Christmas?  I do!!  It has gotten cooler (well Michael and Georgia say it is cold but I love it).  Everyone is putting up lights outside.  They are very pretty.  I am enjoying the cooler weather and taking long walks at night to view the lights.  There are not as many houses that have put up lights as I would like.  I wish those folks that haven’t put up decorations outside would get with the program.  I can’t see what people have done inside so that doesn’t count.  I just love lights.  Michael has all the lights up outside and has a Christmas tree up inside.  He won’t let me near it.  I don’t think that is fair.  I just want to make sure it is OK by rubbing against it.  I also think the little lights might be tasty.  He put the tree in the entry and Living Room so I am just a baby gate away from a lot of fun.

We had a great evening on Monday night.  I decided to lay down in the den instead of roaming around and Michael and Georgia were so pleased.  They even sat in the floor with my and rubbed on me for a long time.  I really enjoyed that.  I licked them, rolled on my back so they could rub my tummy and we all had a great time.

I am now 141 pounds and 34″ at the shoulder.  In case you have forgotten, I am less than 10-1/2 months old and still growing.  I am gaining a little less than 1/2 pound per day.  Not bad for a young wolfie.  At this rate I should easily break 170 in a couple of years.  My appetite has improved so I am up to about 10 cups of food a day.

Medical Update:  I have finished my antibiotics but still have to have the cream put into my ears twice a day for the yeast infection.  My ears still don’t feel right but I have just about quit scratching them.

P.S. I ate though my new harness.  They made the mistake of leaving me alone for a few minutes with it on.  It is fun to eat tasty things!

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Into December

Well, I made it through my first Thanksgiving and now it is December.  I am feeling better other than my ears have been itching so I have been scratching them a lot.   Michael and Georgia took me to see Dr. Meyers at Lake Travis Animal Hospital.  He is a very nice vet.  He thinks I am pretty special (he is obviously a doctor with a very keen eye).  He said I had a yeast infection in both ears.  BOOOO!!  Now I have to get some thick white cream put in my ears twice a day.  I will admit that it does feel better after the cream so I don’t scratch as much.

My friend Toby, the little Boxer, has come by to play.  We have SO much fun running and face fighting.  We particularly enjoy the face fighting!

I am eating well.  A couple of days ago I got REALLY hungry.  I had had my usual 3 cups of food for breakfast and 3 cups of food for lunch.  For dinner, I surprised everyone.  Instead of my typical 3 cups of food, I ate 6 cups of food.  Yep, that was 12 cups of food for the day.  What can I say, I am a growing lad.  I now weigh 138 pounds and stand 33-3/4″ at the shoulder.  I am a little over 10 months old.

I had Michael add a couple new photos to my Photo Gallery that I know you will want to peruse.

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I am feeling much better after my surgery.  I am back to eating 9+ cups of food a day and I am getting to run and play in the yard again.  I have not only regained the weight I lost, I am now up to 133 pounds.  I will be 10 months old in just over a week so I am right on schedule with my growing spurts.

I am still getting undivided attention from Michael and Georgia when I am not in my playpen since I still like to steal things and eat them.  I can find the most amazing things both in the house and in the yard not matter how hard they try to keep everything out of my reach.  They say that taking everything I might eat away from me is for my best interest but it doesn’t seem very interesting to me so I keep looking for interesting pieces of paper,  cloth, plastic, rocks, etc.

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Feeling Better

Well, it has been 2 weeks since I came home from surgery.  Last Monday I had my stitches removed (no fun, I don’t recommend it) and they told me I had to wear a T-shirt for about a week since they had removed the bandage.  How embarrassing.  I finally this weekend I got back to a normal situation.  I not longer have to wear that dreaded plastic cone around my head.  I have resumed my long daily walks, I am back to running in the yard, and I  am back to eating 9 cups of food a day.  I have also regained the weight I lost during that tragic period.

That is the good news.  The bad news is that it is going to take a while for my hair to grow back.  Good grief, for the price they charge for surgery, you would think they would find a way to avoid having to shave the lower half of your body.  That is ridiculous!!  I even have racing stripes (well actually rings) around my front legs where they shaved out areas for the IV fluids.  This is unbecoming a Wolfie!!

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Feeling a Little Better

I didn’t think that surgery was going to be an fun and I was right.  I like being back home but the ‘new’ routine stinks.  I can’t go out and play, I only go outside to do my business, if you know what I mean, then back into the house.

Nikki left yesterday and we didn’t even get to face fight goodbye.  Sorry Nikki, I would have loved to play but my folks say that is a no-no for the next couple of weeks.

I am eating a little bit (about 4 cups of food a day or about 40% of normal) but I am still on pain pills so they say that is normal.  I really hate wearing this life preserver around my neck (they say it is to keep me from messing with the incision and that it is a substitute for an Elizabethan Cone).  I am feeling a little better but how are you supposed to get well if you can’t run and play and have to spend 24 hours a day in this stupid neckwear.   They did take it off for a little while yesterday in the den while they were in there giving me their undivided attention.

I normally don’t take pills so you can imagine my horror at having to take pills 3 times a day.  In the morning I get 2-1/2 pills (in Velveeta cheese) and one pill crushed up and mixed with water.  At lunch I get the same except they add in another pill and a half.  Dinner is the same as breakfast except I get a different pill than at lunch.  Why should anyone have to take so many pills?  All I did was swallow a dishtowel.  Big deal!!

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Tomorrow my little buddy, Abbey, is going in for surgery and we are all praying for her speedy recovery.

Speaking of surgery, I had to have emergency surgery Friday night.  It seems when no one was looking, I stole a dishtowel off the back of the counter in the kitchen and swallowed it whole.  Fortunately, no one noticed.  Unfortunately, later it got stuck in my stomach and my intestines and completely blocked by digestive system.  I was one sick puppy.  I couldn’t take a poo and kept throwing up.  The vet gave me some medicines but I just got worse so Friday they did 2 X-rays and an ultra-sound and located the towel.  Although I love to steal dishtowels, that was the first time I have ever swallowed one.  I don’t know why I thought that was such a great idea.  Anyway, Michael and Georgia took me from the vet to a surgeon and they put me to sleep.  When I woke up, they had shaved my tummy and cut me open and left almost a 12″ incision with stitches covered with a bandage.  Since they had to open me up like a can of sardines, they did a gastropexy (tied down my stomach so it makes it difficult it more difficult for the stomach to twist and get torsion bloat) and neutered me at the same time.  On Sunday I got to come home again but to be honest, I don’t feel very good still.  I am getting way more medicine than I want to take and my appetite isn’t very good but I am eating and drinking water so that makes the family happy.  I am having to wear a really stupid blue doughnut around my neck that has an air bladder in it.  I don’t like it but it isn’t as obnoxious as the white cone the surgeon put on me.

I will keep you updated but I don’t think any of us are going to like the next couple of weeks.  Who would have thought that eating a little dishtowel would cause so much trouble.

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Good to be back in Texas and More Dog Treat Recalls

Left Oklahoma today and returned to Texas.  Good to be back!!

Oh, I am up to 33-1/2″ at the shoulders now but still under 130 pounds.

Dog Food Advisor has announced a recall of Yoghund Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats for possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria.  Yoghund Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats Recall

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Nature’s Recipe Dog Treats Recall

Another serious recall due to possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria:  Nature’s Recipe Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken is sold in 19-ounce resealable pouches. The affected products include lot codes 2199TP and 2200TP with a “Best If Used By” date of either October 11, 2013 or October 12, 2013.
Do NOT feed this to your darling dog!!  Quoting DogFoodAdvisor:

Salmonella is serious business — for both you and your pet. So, if you can confirm your package of treats is one of the products being recalled, stop feeding or handling it immediately.


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Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

We have had some great times, food and sites at the Balloon Fiesta.  Unfortunately, this afternoon, it is raining.  Do you have any idea how much an Irish Wolfhound traveling in a motorcoach HATES rain?  Let me tell you I hate it is a lot.  Fortunately, the weather forecast indicates the rain is supposed to go away tonight and leave a beautiful weekend.  YEA!!!

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Heading to Albuquerque tomorrow

I have met lot’s of dogs here in Santa Fe.  The Santa Fe Skies RV Park has a big dog run that is fun to play in.  Some of the little dogs I have met are not very friendly.  That is a shame as I would love to play with them.  Do you know that I haven’t seen an Irish Wolfhound on this entire trip through 8 states.  I still get to play with Nikki so life is good.  Tomorrow, we head to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta.  That should be fun.

I am now up to 128.5 pounds!  Still gaining weight but still holding at 33″ tall.  It got cold a couple of nights ago but it is warming up now.  I like the cold but not the wind.

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Back in New Mexico

Well, I have returned to New Mexico.  This time I am in the northeastern part of the state.  I haven’t been to this area of New Mexico before.  We spent the night in Raton and will be leaving for Santa Fe shortly.  It is cooler (good), drier (not so good), and at a high elevation (6680′ not so good for breathing).  When we left Colorado Springs a cold front had moved through with high winds, and dropped the temperature about 15 degrees.  On the way to Raton we stopped at a Rest Area and there was a big truck pulling a 5th wheel RV.  It was a pretty red truck but what was unusual was there was a Smart Car sitting sideways behind the extended cab on the truck.  That was kinda neat.  I don’t think I could fit in such a little car even if I was alone.

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Colorado Springs

Today we left Golden and traveled to Colorado Springs.  We have a great RV site in the Cheyenne Mountain State Park.  Neat views of the city at night.  Nice site and of course I still have Nikki to play with.  I am happy to report that I now weigh 125 pounds and stand 33 inches at the shoulder at a little over 8 months of age.

I went to Petsmart today with Nikki.  That was fun.  I got more toys to destroy, uh, to chew on.  Check out the new photos Michael is posting for me.  The only bummer is they don’t have a neat dog run at the State Park.  Guess we will have to find one tomorrow.

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In Colorado

I am 8 months old today!! Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me!!  I also racked up state number 10 as we left four days in Wyoming and entered Colorado.  We are in Golden.

Michael claims he will weigh me later but he did measure me and I have grown another inch.  I am not slightly over 33 inches at the shoulder.  All the better to investigate the back of the counters.

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I have spent the past several days in Wyoming.  That makes 9 states I have visited so far.  Not bad for a puppy that is 2 days shy of 8 months old.  We are currently in Cheyenne and it is raining.  Can you believe that?  Rain!!  I haven’t seen much of that in my almost 8 months.  I get to play with Nikki every day.  That is great!!  She is a great playmate.  I think I actually wore her out yesterday.  Or at least she got tired of rolling around and face fighting.   They have a TINY dog run at the park where we are staying.  I understand that there is a larger one nearby.  I hope to try it out tomorrow.

I think you will find new photos of me in the gallery shortly.  I have been working on Michael to take more photos of me and post them so you will see how handsome I am and how much I am growing.  I can now walk up and drink from my water dish when it is placed on the dining room table.  That will teach them to leave it up there and just put my dinner dish on the plastic storage box.

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